COVID-19: E-commerce in China

The COVID-19 outbreak originated in China, residents have been ordered to self-isolate as the virus is now considered a pandemic. Only vital working sectors are allowed to operate and this includes delivery facilities.

Due to social distancing regulations, the Chinese population has shown an increase in ordering day-to-day products online; from groceries to retail items. However, packages shipped from warehouses need to be sterilized and delivering facilities also need to take the necessary measures to make sure the package is thoroughly disinfected. It is also the responsibility of the recipient to sanitize all contents.

However, being an essential worker during a pandemic is difficult as a small number of population haven’t had their share of quarantine as they serve everybody safe from the virus and under lockdown. Working in the logistics sector is a difficult time as everything has to be maintained and inspected twice as much before products are dispatched because the virus has different life spans depending on the surfaces it is present on.

Front-liners are not necessarily just healthcare workers, it is everyone still being exempted of quarantine regulations to go to work, delivery men being one of the many.

People took to twitter to appreciate the non-medical front-liners:

The pandemic brought by the realization in people that blue-collar jobs are just as important and appreciated as those in higher positions and play essential roles in our society and should be treated with the same respect that white-collar jobs get.



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